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VITLAB represents 100 years of tradition. VITRI GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Mühltal (Germany) in 1908. In 1989, the laboratory division was established as the
independent company, VITLAB. Today, VITLAB is a leading manufacturer of liquid handling instruments and performance plastic products for one-time or longterm
use. We develop and manufacture these products at our own production facility.
Our extensive range of products provides you with optimal support in your laboratory work, in a wide variety of application ranges. Regardless of whether your work involves volume measurement, sampling or storage: our aim is to develop, manufacture and
provide you with products that will facilitate your work whilst continuing to ensure that you achieve perfect results.

Volume measurement
Saving and storing
Bottling and weighing
Filtering and decanting
Stirring and mixing
Connecting and controlling
Fluoro plastic products
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