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Alfa Aesar, a Johnson Matthey company is a leading international supplier of research chemicals, metals and materials. The Alfa Aesar Research Chemicals, Metals and Materials Catalogue carries more than 15,000 high purity chemicals and more then 30,000 research and fine chemicals from sister companies Lancaster Synthesis and Avocado Organics.

CHEMSEAL: A range of air, oxygen and moisture sensitive products is offered in ChemSeal Packaging. The ChemSeal system employs a reasonable septum through which a volumetric quality of the reagent can be withdrawn without exposure to oxygen or moisture.

FIBRECAT: FiberCat precious metal catalysts are anchored to a series of functionalized fibers, creating a combination of selectivity and ease of handling and separation.

PREMION: A range of high purity precious metal compounds and pure elements. The minimum purity for Premion pure elements is 99.99% (metal basis)

PURATRONIC: A range of High Purity base metals and salts are in leading choice of pharmaceutical and electronic companies in research and development processes. Each PURATONIC compound has a minimum purity of 99.999%

REACTON: A range of high purity rare earth metals, alloys and compounds.

SPECPURE: A trade name of Analytical Standard Solutions.

SPECTROFLUX: A trade name of Lithium Borate based fluxes prepared for use in a variety of analytical methods. Its offer the benefits of speed and analytical precision.

ULTRA DRY ANHYDROUS MATERILS: Provides a comprehensive line of ultra dry materials, the first choice for air and moisture sensitive applications. All ultra dry salts are ampoules under argon, and most are available in – 10 mesh beads and powder form.

LABWARE AND EQUIPMENT: Also offer wide range of Lab ware and Equipment i.e. High Purity Oxide Ceramics, PTFE Lab ware and Glass Carbon etc.

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